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Bensley-Bermuda Volunteer Rescue Squad

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Squad Leadership

The Squad has a structure in which there is an administrative body and an operational body.

The administrative body, our Board of Directors, is elected annually and oversees all activities of the Squad, and is led by Squad President Pranay Nuvvala. The members of our Board of Directors are all members of our Squad, and they are:

  • President – Pranay Nuvvala
  • Vice President – Dawn Helton
  • Secretary – Linda Winger
  • Treasurer – Denise Hairfield
  • Chief Operations Officer – Christina Austin
  • At-Large Board Member – Caitlin Hall
  • At-Large Board Member – Gerri Kirkhum
  • At-Large Board Member – Bhargav Sathish
  • Operational Medical Director – Joanne Lapetina, MD (non-voting)

Our operations officers are also appointed annually, and are led by Acting Chief Christina Austin. They provide leadership to and have responsibility for the medical and technical rescue operations of the Squad, comprising some 536 calls for service in 2018. The members of our Operations team are all members of our Squad, and they are:

  • Chief of Operations – Open (EMS 500)
  • Deputy Chief of Operations – Christina Austin (EMS 501)
  • Deputy Chief of Administration – Stan Orchel (EMS 502)