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There is a lot of good info on this page. At the end is a form we ask you to complete to get things started. Hopefully, we will answer a lot of your questions before that.  Obviously, we will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have, but this is how we get the ball rolling.

There Are Benefits With Membership

Membership in the Squad requires a commitment of time and a commitment over time. No commitment is one-sided, and the Squad takes seriously our commitment to each member.

At the most senior levels of the Squad, we manage recruitment and retention and strive to enhance the lives of our members. Recruitment of new members and retention of our existing membership is the primary task of our Vice President, and is touched upon by many senior members of our operations team.

Some of the benefits we offer to our membership include:

  • Full members receive department-issued uniforms specific to your duties inside the Squad.
  • New ambulances stocked with 12 lead EKGs, capnography and other advanced tools. We understand a comfortable, up-to-date environment is important, and we like using the latest tools and equipment, too!
  • The opportunity to receive fully paid paramedic training and EMT training.
  • Discounts on automotive personal property taxes, if you are a Chesterfield County resident. (If not, move here!)
  • Access to hotel rooms at VAVRS Conference held in Virginia Beach each year.
  • Membership in VAVRS, the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads, which opens up training opportunities across the state!
  • … and the biggest benefit of all: the knowledge, training, and skill to impact someone’s life in a positive way!

The Process: What To Expect

There’s a fair bit of paperwork you’ll need to fill out. We will check your references, general background, as well as perform a criminal background check to be sure that you’re a good fit for our organization. Thousands of times a year we have to go into someone’s home and help them in a time of need, and our application process makes sure you have the character to take that need seriously and treat it with respect. If we feel you’re a good fit for us, we give you the chance to see if we’re a good fit for you.

We’ll show you around the station and invite you to ride along with us on calls. Then you’ll meet our Board and go through a simple interview process. From the time you fill out an application to the time you meet the Board should be a couple of weeks, and hopefully less than two months.

We offer training on everything you need to be an excellent member of the squad. From CPR to paramedic training, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. The Squad can also get you into training to be a better leader, help you to use financial software, teach you about grant writing and fund raising, and even show you how to change spark plugs.

If you come here knowing all that, we’ll show you around the ambulances and help you understand our protocols and policies. We’ll give you an environment to enjoy yourself, in a high volume system with a lot of interesting trauma and medical calls.

All you need is a desire to help.

Here Is The First Step

Please fill in the information below, then hit the “Send” button. That is how we start what we hope will be a long, mutually satisfying relationship.

Full Name
Birth date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Name & Phone of 3 References
Experience & Certifications